Alesha Bruneski

Prayer Coach & Spiritual Director


Alesha delights in partnering with God in leading you to walk in the fullness of life that is available. This includes but is not limited to receiving freedom from bondage, growing in your confidence in hearing God, healing of past wounds, being delivered and thriving in life & relationships. She is honoured to be a facilitator for what the Holy Spirit wants to lead you through in each session to help you get unstuck. Alesha is passionate about seeing you leave each session feeling touched straight from the heart of Jesus, recalibrated in the truth that He is always speaking and walking towards the fullness of what He has for you.

Areas of Competency:

  • Hearing God’s voice
  • Releasing burdens to Jesus
  • Breaking strongholds and spiritual bondage
  • Guidance through Jesus’ emotional healing process
  • Generational deliverance
  • Uncovering your calling and identity in Christ


  • Prayer Coach and Spiritual Director mentored by Merri Ellen Giesbrecht
  • Member of the Freedom Group Coaching Circle, 2021 to Present
  • Samuel’s Mantle Training Society, 2007 to Present
  • BCIT, Business Accounting, 2011
  • Sozo Training, 2009
  • Harvest School Iris Ministries, Mozambique, 2008
  • University of British Columbia, BA in Cell Biology and Genetics, 2007


The Holy Spirit desires to affirm His calling, giftings, and destiny for your life and guide you into freedom. Alesha is so honored to partner with Him in uncovering all that He has for you.


“When I first met Alesha, she willingly met with me weekly so that we could pray and seek the Lord’s heart for me, during a really tough season. She helped me get “unstuck” and find greater freedom.

Her greatest strength is her ability to engage with the Lord in any occasion, and to receive from Him for any person. She has an incredible ability to push through any “human-ness” and partner with the Lord to help facilitate greater growth for others. These strengths speak loudly to all who meet with her that greater connection with God is always available to them too! I always leave time with her feeling a greater sense of peace and clarity over my life, after she has facilitated my direct connection time with God.

Her passion for other people’s freedom partners with her determination for the fullness of the abundance available in Christ.” – Rebecca V


Video sessions. Online video coaching is very effective no matter where you live – locally, nationally, or internationally. 

Session Length – 50 minutes


Coaching fees are due at the time of the session and can be paid via e-transfer (CDN), or PayPal (USA and International).

With any cancellation notification of less than 24 hours, clients are required to pay full price for the missed session.

* Currently taking clients on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays

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Freedom Coaches and Spiritual Directors are apart of the community of the Freedom Coaching Circle and yet offer private sessions independently for insurance purposes. Alesha is ready to walk you forward!