About Us

Who are we?

We are a collective of Christian Prayer Coaches and Spiritual Directors who are on an incredible journey in hearing God’s voice.

We minister to women with a biblical framework to give the Holy Spirit room to address inner hurts and wounds, identify and break strongholds, and bring healing and freedom, all with the purpose of knowing God better (Eph. 1:17).

While God can meet us anytime in any way, he’s made a promise that when two or more of us gather in his name, that he blesses us with his presence (Matt. 18:20).

When we wait on him together, we can confidently expect him to reveal himself and, as our hearts are tender and open to him, we can trust he will guide us into truth (John 16:13).

As the hunger increases in our times to hear from the Lord, according to Scripture, we love to invite others to meet either in groups or individually…

How to Get Started:

Reach out to one of us to request a Private Session

Or request to join the Freedom Coaching Circle for women